Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online:
Learn from home & make real progress.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play Indie / Alternative music on guitar, but when you found a guitar teacher you found that their speciality is country, or blues?

This series of online guitar lessons has been specifically created for people who want to play Alternative styles. Forget the cheesy, overplayed songs or over-the-top flashy solos. Play something different!

With a proven approach and step-by-step instructions, my guitar lessons have been described as “very tailored”, “fun and very practical”, and “clear and easy to practise from”.

My lessons are for:

  • Intermediate or self-taught players
  • People who want to write music on guitar (songs or instrumentals)
  • Electric or Acoustic Players

“I’ve been playing guitar for quite a long time but have never had a tutor or structured lessons so it was all very new to me. Despite this, I couldn’t ask for more in a tutor – Chris is friendly and enthusiastic, tailoring lessons to suit my needs and musical interests and he puts a lot of effort into tabbing out specific songs that I want to learn.

“I used to always stick to songs well within my comfort zone but Chris has encouraged me to learn new, more difficult pieces and shown me that I can play most things if I put enough time in. He even gives me advice on gear to buy and has helped sort out technical problems.

“Overall, he has helped me out of a rut and given me much more confidence in writing my own material and as a guitarist on the whole. Would strongly recommend to guitarists of any ability. 5/5.”

Alex Paddock, via Google

I specialise in teaching:

  • Alternative/Indie & most sub-genres
  • Folk Fingerpicking
  • Barre chords
  • Music Theory applied to guitar
  • Ear Training for Guitar

What I don’t teach:

  • Metal / shred
  • Percussive Fingerstyle
  • Classical guitar
  • Jazz lead/improvisation
  • Blues soloing
  • Country

Although I enjoy listening to some of these genres, I don’t claim to have enough expertise to teach them at intermediate/advanced level.

You’ve learnt some songs, but you don’t want to become reliant on TAB sites and YouTube song tutorials. Music is more than rote memorisation.
It’s time to focus on training your ears. If you can take what you hear – and translate it onto the guitar, you’re a better learner, improviser, and songwriter all at once.

“I’ve only been having lessons with Chris for a few weeks but i’ve already seen lots of improvement with my playing. His approach to teaching is very tailored and helps you get what you want from his lessons and get you closer to your long term goals each session.

“He takes the time to listen to the music you’re into and construct lessons around music you like. We’ve been learning lots of theory, which on the surface sounds rather dry, but he makes it fun and very practical, meaning I can put his teachings into practice quickly. Would highly recommend!”

 – Jamie Moore, via Google

A tailored lesson with an experienced tutor can transform your playing. I can help you:

  • Get out of a musical rut.
  • Quickly start writing your own songs – and actually finish them.
  • Understand how music works through music theory.
  • Systematically improve your skills.
  • Set goals & stay accountable.
  • Translate ideas from your head to the guitar, with ear training & fretboard knowledge.

How it works

We start off with a free trial lesson, to get clarity on your goals, to test the connection, and to see if we’re a good match. You don’t need to worry about paying up-front for a lesson or handing over your credit card details.

Online guitar lessons are typically 1 hour long, held over video chat. I use Zoom, which has a more stable connection than Skype.

I follow-up every session with an email, which includes summary notes, PDFs, fretboard diagrams, and recommendations for next steps.

Let’s work together

Want to find out more about my lessons, or interested in a free trial lesson?