Guitar Lessons for Busy Beginners

Hi! I’m Chris, and I’ve taught over 3,000 guitar lessons.

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Are my guitar lessons right for you?

Hi, I’m Chris, and I teach guitar lessons online, specifically for busy beginners.

Want to learn guitar, without developing bad habits?

Struggling to play songs from start to finish?

Finding it overwhelming to learn without a plan or structure in place?

Feeling like you “don’t have rhythm”?

Don’t want to learn tons of music theory in the beginning?

I can help you with these common problems beginners face, so you can finally play for your own enjoyment, and forget about the daily grind.

My guitar teaching is based around:

  • Step-by-step instructions you can actually follow
  • Learning that moves you towards an outcome – playing songs from start to finish.
  • Alternative/Indie/Folk styles
  • Independent learning, rather than just rote memorisation.
  • Basic Ear Training skills
  • Can’t find an English speaking teacher in your area?
  • Want to cut down your emissions, save time on travel & learn from the comfort of your own home?
  • Want to stop wasting time on YouTube and start making real progress?
  • Do you have a computer or iPad with a webcam, and a broadband connection?
  • Are Guitar lessons just too expensive in your local area?

Then Online Guitar Lessons could be ideal for you. I offer a free introductory lesson, and simple scheduling which makes time zones easy.

My students are happy!

“The lesson was really helpful for me and I’m excited about learning more songs with you. Everything was really well prepared and your approach is really precise. With your help I think I’m going to move on from just banging out chords and become a much better guitar player. Looking forward to Monday.”

– Andrew McKay, Murcia, Spain

Why take Guitar Lessons with Chris?

  • Rated 5-stars on Google
  • Over 3,000 Guitar Lessons taught
  • Ideal for Adults & Mature learners – I have students who started learning in retirement!
  • Easy-to-use, play-along technology provided. This makes home practice much easier, as you can change the speed, and loop sections of the music.
  • Beginners & Intermediate players all welcome
  • Learn Acoustic or Electric Guitar
  • Chris can create a course of study that’s just right for you, based on your skill level & tastes.
  • Learn Acoustic, Rock, Alternative/Indie, Folk – whatever interests you most
  • Simple online scheduling which works out the time difference for you.

The problem with self-teaching online

In 2020, there’s a lot of information on the internet about learning guitar. But that’s exactly the problem.

A lot of it is garbage. Anyone with an internet connection can start uploading lessons, and not all of them have experience teaching real people face-to-face. I have 6 years of experience teaching guitar,

It’s ineffective, trying to search through tons of videos, and getting bits of information from here and there. Doing things in the right order is important when you’re learning guitar. Having a ‘random’ approach will only lead to frustration. My lessons are structured around courses – so you don’t have to worry about missing anything important.

A YouTube video can’t hear or see your playing, or offer real advice on how to improve. You could be building bad habits without even realising. I’ve taught over 2000 guitar lessons over the years, and can quickly spot where you’re going wrong.

Can you really learn through Online Guitar lessons?

Absolutely! In fact, I believe it can be better than in-person lessons.

You don’t need to travel to a teacher, which gives you more free time, and helps reduce emissions.

You can record the lesson to review as many times as you like. This means you’re much more likely to retain the information & take action.

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