Guitar Basics for Beginners: Make bad sounds first

Learn the basics & play your first chord in less than 30 minutes

I created this free online mini-course for complete beginners with zero guitar knowledge. 

This beginner guitar course is different to most. My approach is to show you how to make bad sounds first. You’ll learn why and how to make mistakes on purpose. This takes the pressure off you to sound good straight away – and helps you understand the common mistakes that beginners make.

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be:

  • Tuned up
  • Holding a pick
  • Making clear sounds
  • Playing your first chord
  • Playing with proper technique

You’ll have a step-by-step method you can follow for practicing chords, to get them sounding squeaky clean.

Don’t know what a chord is? Chords are played by strumming multiple strings at once – and holding the fingers on the strings at the same time. It’s harder than it looks, which is why I’ve created this course.

You can follow this course with an Electric or Acoustic guitar.

After completing the mini-course, you’ll also feel confident with holding the guitar, tuning up, basic terms, and knowing how to self-correct.

My aim with this mini-course is to save you weeks of trial and error, and give you the best possible start with guitar, in the least possible steps.

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