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You don’t need to be a virtuoso to make good music on guitar. This website is all about mastering the fundamentals, and understanding how music works, so you can get busy making sounds.

This site isn’t about being the fastest or flashiest player who can “shred”. It’s not about learning exercises & drills that don’t lead anywhere. It’s about making real, honest music, and playing what’s best for the song.

What sets this site apart from your typical guitar tutorial blog derives from these 3 principles:

Master the Fundamentals

guitar fundamentals

You can learn how to break complex skills into sub “components”, that you can easily manage. But this alone isn’t enough. You need to ‘stress test’ the components before putting them back together. Master the single task, before attempting to multi-task.

Understand How Music Works

guitar theory

Technique & Cover songs will only get you so far. Stop adding exercises to your routine and start making music with what you know. Inspiration runs dry, and guessing is a haphazard approach. You need a system to fall back on. That’s where theory comes in.

Train Your Ears & Free Your Fingers

guitar ear training

Don’t become reliant on TAB sites and YouTube song tutorials.
Instead, focus on training your ears.
If you can take what you hear – and translate it onto the guitar, you’re a better learner, improviser, and songwriter all at once.

You can learn more about my teaching philosophy here.

About Chris

Chris Morton Guitar

Hi, I’m Chris, former soulless retail worker, then briefly a human billboard…

…and since 2014, guitar teacher in Leeds, UK.

I teach adult beginners & self-taught guitar players how to master the fundamentals, understand how music works, and learn & create music with ease.

I also write, record & tour as a guitarist for Team Picture, an Alternative Rock group in Leeds.

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