The Busy Beginner’s Guide to Guitar

Helping adult beginners & self-taught players master the fundamentals of guitar, with step-by-step lessons.

“The best – ie thoughtful, well-prepared, insightful, and encouraging – guitar teacher I have encountered, by some distance.”

Graham Browning

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About Chris

Chris Morton Guitar

Hi, I’m Chris, former soulless retail worker, then briefly a human billboard…

…and since 2014, guitar teacher in Leeds, UK and online.

I teach adult beginners & self-taught guitar players how to master the fundamentals, understand how music works, and learn & create music with ease.

My guitar playing has been heard on Netflix, BBC Radio 6music, BBC Radio 1, ITV, and BT Sport. I write, record & tour as a guitarist for Team Picture, an Alternative Rock group in Leeds.

Three Stages to Learning Guitar: Which stage are you at?

Absolute Beginner

My guitar basics course is a little different – we make bad sounds first! You’ll also learn how to play your first chord, parts of the guitar, how to hold a pick, and how to check your hand position. All this in less than 30 minutes, with videos to follow along.

Learning Songs from Start to Finish

Maybe you’ve tried learning some songs, but can’t quite put everything together. If you’re finding it hard to transition between chords, and hold down a solid strumming rhythm at the same time, my beginner course is made for you.

Train Your Ears & Free Your Fingers

You’ve learnt some songs, but you don’t want to become reliant on TAB sites and YouTube song tutorials. Music is more than rote memorisation.
It’s time to focus on training your ears. If you can take what you hear – and translate it onto the guitar, you’re a better learner, improviser, and songwriter all at once.

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