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Chris Morton

Musician & Guitar Teacher

Whether you’re new to guitar, or you’ve been playing for years, I want to help you develop your skills. My teaching approach is different. Rather than telling you to copy me like a robot, I give you strategies you can use to accelerate your independent learning.

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This guitar site is different, because instead of programming you like a robot, I teach you how to develop real, practical skills that stick. I’ll help you become a super effective learner, train your inner ear, and create music you’re actually proud of.

Here’s how it works:

Build Good Habits

You might think you're not made to play guitar. I believe there's no such thing as a bad student - only a bad teacher. If you want to play songs with confidence, you need a practice approach with a clear direction, and built-in motivation. My method starts with bad sounds first - so anyone can do this.

Learn How Music Works

Learning by repetition can only get you so far. When you play guitar without understanding music - it's like typing in a foreign language you don't understand. No wonder so many guitarists get stuck in a rut. When you know how chords, modes & rhythms work, it shows in your playing.

Play It By Ear

Instead of relying on low quality TABs & lengthy tutorials, I'll show you how to become self-sufficient. When you can play guitar by ear, you become a faster learner, a better writer, and a more fluent improviser all at once.

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