Become a skilful guitarist.

Hi, I’m Chris Morton, and on this site I share everything I’ve learned about playing guitar, without developing bad habits.

My online course has bite-size lessons, a step-by-step structure, and multi-angle videos. Click below to get the first two modules for free. No credit card required.

This guitar site is different, because instead of selling you a “quick fix” solution to “master” the guitar, I teach you how to build real, practical skills that stick. I’ll help you become a super effective learner, train your inner ear, and create music you’re actually proud of.

Here’s how it works:

Build Good Habits

Discover how deliberate practice can transform the way you learn guitar. It's learning how to learn, and it’s what the pros do. One skill at a time, one day at a time.

Learn How Music Works

Playing without understanding what you're doing is like driving down a country road at night - without the lights on. When you know how chords, scales & rhythms work, you're actually in control.

Play It By Ear

Instead of relying on low quality TABs & tutorials, I'll show you how to become self-sufficient. When you can play guitar by ear, you become a better learner, writer and improviser all at once.

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