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Chris Morton

Musician & Guitar Teacher

What stage are you at?

New to guitar

"I started lessons as a complete beginner and have found Chris to be really friendly and patient. I started learning to play the songs I like from the off, and the lesson materials are clear and easy to practice from at home. If you’re looking for relaxed lessons and a knowledgeable teacher, Chris is your guy!"
Naomi King
"Chris has all the aspects of a great tutor. In a matter of weeks, I'm playing some of my favourite music and moving on to more advanced techniques."
Dan Teasdale

You don’t need to be “talented” to learn guitar. I believe anyone can learn to play, but choosing random YouTube videos doesn’t usually work.

If you’re new to guitar, I offer in-person lessons, online lessons, and videos on YouTube. From guitar anatomy, to strumming chords, and playing riffs, I’ve got you covered.

Beyond the basics

"When I started with Chris I’d been playing guitar for twenty-five years but I was self-taught, and had stagnated and plateaued. After a long stretch playing bass in various bands, I wanted to improve my six-string technique and abilities. Chris is an excellent tutor - he has a very calm, friendly and professional manner, and a great teaching style."
Mark Waudby

Already playing songs from start to finish? Want to learn some new techniques, train your ears, or understand how music works? Check out my videos on YouTube, or take a free trial lesson.

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Build Good Habits

During my years as a guitar teacher, I've come across some pretty unusual habits that beginners can pick up. Sometimes, guitarists aren't even aware they're doing it. Here, I show you what those bad habits are, and how you can remedy them.​

Play What You Hear

Instead of relying on low quality TABs & lengthy tutorials, I'll show you how to become self-sufficient. When you can play guitar by ear, you become a faster learner, a better writer, and a more fluent improviser all at once.

Learn How Music Works

Learning by repetition can only get you so far. When you play guitar without understanding music - it's like typing in a foreign language you don't understand. No wonder so many guitarists get stuck in a rut. There's a better way to learn, but it doesn't need to involve reading music theory books or watching whiteboard lectures.